Meet the 2019 Homecoming Royalty

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The Wolf Pack Press sat down with the Royal Court to get to know them better.  Read their interview below, watch the video and be sure to VOTE HERE on Friday, September 27.  Voting closes at 2:45 PM.




PRINCESJarod Duffy, Brady Hennessy, Daniel Hirata, Kody Pane

PRINCESSESMaggie Cornelius, Cheyenne DeMille, Kira Devine, Faith Gibson, Jordon Roby, Isabella Vega


What sports, clubs, activities are you involved in, inside and outside of school? 

JAROD: Golf, Jazz Band, Marching Band, and Cribbage Club

BRADY: Golf, Ultimate Frisbee Club, National Honor Society (NHS), California Scholarship Federation (CSF), Rec Basketball, Rec Soccer

DANIEL: NHS, CSF, and Ultimate Frisbee Club 

KODY: Horseback riding

MAGGIE: Freshman Mentor, Varsity Golf, Basketball, and Softball

CHEYENNE: Hip Hop Club Artistic Director, Speech and Debate Team Manager and Mentor 

KIRA: NHS, CSF, Student Government, Work at BounceU

FAITH: Dance Team, NHS, Hip Hop Club, Studio Dance 

JORDON: At WHS…Cross Country (captain), Track (captain), CSF (officer), NHS (officer), Mental Health Club,  Outside of school…I play soccer with my friends and I am involved in my church’s youth group.

BELLA: At WHS…I am heavily involved within the drama department. By the end of this year, I will have been in the Musical Theatre Class for all four years, and I will have been in the Professional Mainstage Drama Class for 2 years.  I’m also involved in NHS, CSF, Key Club, Make-A-Wish Club, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Club, Spanish Story Time Club (president), Kiwanis International (officer and chair), ProjectGET Mentor Program, Freshman Mentor Program. Outside of School…Director of the musical theatre program at Quail Glen Elementary School – I help put on their winter musical every year. This year we’re doing Lion King Jr.


What is your favorite memory from your time here at Woodcreek? 

JAROD: My best Woodcreek memories have all been making music in band and sharing it with all my friends and classmates.

BRADY: Going to the Basketball State Championship Game at Golden 1 Center

DANIEL: My favorite memory was watching our basketball team in the State Championship Game.

KODY: Having my Dad drive me to JR. Prom in his 1967 Corvette – the same car he took to his prom many years ago.

MAGGIE: Just constantly being around all my friends and playing the sports I love. 

CHEYENNE: Thanks to Speech and Debate: giving up all my Saturdays to wake up at 5 am and go argue with people for 13 hours- it’s more fun than it sounds. 

KIRA: My favorite memory from my time at Woodcreek is my sophomore year when we won the Aurora Basketball Game in overtime against Rocklin and did a balloon drop at the end. Everyone stayed the entire game and it was so fun to see the mob going crazy when we won!

FAITH: I like dancing with Awakened Dreams and on the Dance Team. 

JORDON: My favorite memory from my time at Woodcreek is Santa’s Helpers with NHS, because I love serving the kids at Kaseburg and getting into the Christmas spirit. 

BELLA: One of my favorite memories from my time at Woodcreek would have to be watching the improv matches that the drama department puts on every year. Every year, it’s always such a positive and funny atmosphere to be a part of and in doing so, we’ve been able to raise money for different service projects and organizations throughout the years.


Where do you imagine yourself in 10 years?

JAROD: Ten years down the road, I can see myself hanging out with friends and watching The Bee Movie.

BRADY: Living in the greater-Sacramento area with my wife, settling into a good career, getting ready to start a family 

DANIEL:  I imagine myself settled near an ocean with a happy family just doing something that I love.

KODY: I would love to be out in the community teaching others about acceptance and helping people realize that hard work pays off.

MAGGIE: Having a good job, starting a family, owning 20 dogs

CHEYENNE: I’m not sure, but all I know is that I will still be watching The Office reruns.

KIRA: In 10 years, I hope to have a steady job teaching Environmental Science at a high school somewhere in California and to be financially stable!

FAITH: Hopefully working in the business or entertainment field. 

JORDON: In 10 years, I can imagine myself educating people about climate change and my environmental studies

BELLA: In ten years, I imagine myself with my degrees and finished with my graduate school. I see myself working, and hopefully traveling. I also see myself having a dog; I really love dogs. I see myself teaching youth about theatre and expressing themselves through the arts, and I hope to continue performing myself.


If there was a soundtrack to your life so far, what type of music would it be? 

JAROD: Cool jazz

BRADY: Disco music

DANIEL:  It would be smooth jazz because I am very laid back and complex at the same time.

KODY: Reggae Music- Once a Day by Michael Franti- if you don’t know who he is, get on YouTube and check out the video.


CHEYENNE: It would be awfully eclectic, so anything except opera because it is hard to dance to.

KIRA: If there was a soundtrack to my life so far, it would probably have a lot of rap music on it because that’s pretty much all I ever listen to; but it would also have to have some John Mayer on there for when I want to relax. 

FAITH: It would probably be a mix of all music genres.


BELLA: If there was a soundtrack to my life, it would be an accumulation of Queen, ABBA, and a variety of Broadway show tunes. 


Which artist would perform on the soundtrack to your life? Why?

JAROD: Taylor Swift because it’s Taylor Swift!

BRADY: Eazy-e because I live my life ruthless. 

DANIEL:  John Mayer because I love him as an artist and when he plays music, he plays it with passion and I try to be passionate about everything I do in life.

KODY: I don’t feel like I could pick just one artist for the soundtrack of my life; however, if I could chose a few to portray my life, they would be Kenny Chesney, because he represents kindness and heart; Chris Stapleton, because he takes you back to your roots; Slightly Stupid, because they represent what I would love to do – surf, go to the beach, and kick back.  

MAGGIE: The Queen Meghan Trainor because she is my favorite singer.

CHEYENNE: Queen because they are so versatile and talented! 

KIRA: Travis Scott because he is my #1 favorite artist and I listen to his music constantly. 

FAITH: Bruno Mars because I love him. 

JORDON: Hannah Montana, because she always has upbeat and fun songs, and she is the childhood Queen of Pop. 

BELLA: The group ABBA would most definitely perform on the soundtrack to my life. I love their unique and fun sound. Plus it’s always an epic dance party when ABBA is playing.


Which musician best represents your personality and why?

JAROD: Bruno Mars because he’s pretty down to earth and looks like he has a lot of fun making music.

BRADY: John Mayer because he’s extremely attractive and he always gets the people going.

DANIEL: I think Jack Johnson is the musician who best represents me because he is super relaxed, has a wonderful voice, and is a master with the 6 string (guitar).

KODY: Kenny Chesney, because he is very positive, writes songs from the heart and just seems like a genuinely nice person who cares about others.

MAGGIE: Post Malone because he spreads positivity. He’s always trying to make others laugh, and he cares about people. 

CHEYENNE: Anthony Ramos because he is family-oriented, socially conscious, and unafraid to be himself. 

KIRA: The artist who would perform on the soundtrack to my life would be Travis Scott because he is my #1 favorite artist and I listen to his music constantly. 

FAITH: Madonna because I’m a Material Girl and Marilyn Monroe because Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

JORDON: Pink, because we both have really fun personalities and both challenge ourselves. 

BELLA: (I’m so sorry for being so repetitive, but I’m a major fan.) I think the musicians who best represent my personality would be ABBA. I love how upbeat their sound is and I’m a big fan of spontaneous jam sessions, and ABBA has never failed me there. It’s very bubbly and out there, and overall, I just really vibe with it. 


If you had a theme song for your everyday life, what would it be and why?

JAROD: Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen because the song is an absolute BOP with a good message.

BRADY: Mo Bamba

DANIEL: It would be You Make Me Feel Like Dancing by Leo Sayer because it’s a song that just makes you happy and makes you want to dance and that’s how I try to live.

KODY: Cool Kids by EchoSmith- because at the end of the day everyone wants to be accepted for who they are, no matter what.

MAGGIE: Neverending Story from Stranger Things would represent my life because each day I live through I add new memories to my story. 

CHEYENNE: Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Ashley, because we all need the daily motivation that Rick will never give up on us, never gonna let us down, and never gonna run around and desert us. 

KIRA: It would be Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper. The reason is pretty self-explanatory. 

FAITH: Faith by George Michael is literally a whole song with my name in it and Walking On Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves is just really upbeat.  

JORDON: My theme song for my everyday life is Lose Control, because it’s a fun, hype song that gets you ready for the morning or anything that challenges you. 

BELLA: It would be the Golden Girls theme song because the four elderly women in the show are living their best lives in a most carefree manner, and those are elements of a lifestyle I’d like to live by.


Share a memory based on a specific song.

JAROD: Freshman year, my dad took me to my first big concert and Paul McCartney opened up the show with Hard Day’s Night by the Beatles

BRADY: Tuesday ft. drake because the club always goes up on Tuesday.

DANIEL: The song I Don’t Care was playing at homecoming my freshman year when all the seniors lifted me up above the crowd and it was a great introduction to high school. 

KODY: Whenever we go on a road trip, my Mom becomes the car D.J. and she knows my song and My Dad’s go-to song is Chicken Fried by The Zac Brown Band.  It always makes me laugh because my Dad acts like a big goofball when he sings.

MAGGIE: The song We Ready is played before every home basketball game to get pumped up as we run around the locker room and form a dance circle. 

CHEYENNE: Rather Be by Clean Bandit reminds me of my freshman year in Hip Hop Club and the amazing family I found there. 

KIRA: The song Congratulations by Post Malone was one of the last songs playing at Night on the Quad last year and it reminds me of how much fun I had with all of my friends who were seniors last year! 

FAITH: Baby Shark started playing when I was working concessions at a swim meet and a bunch of people stopped what they were doing to dance to it. 

JORDON: The song Fergalicious, because every time the Cross Country girls need to get hyped up for a race, we listen to Fergalicious

BELLA: The song The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson started accidentally playing on the school’s overhead system during a Les Miserables show last year. It was the funniest thing ever and everyone couldn’t stop laughing about it.