Les Miserables Leaves Woodcreek in Awe

Madison Bozzo, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The outstanding production of Les Miserables, sold out two nights, has left woodcreek students, families, and staff in awe. Opening night was Thursday, April 4th, but the cast and crew have been working on this production since January 8th. Shows are continuing throughout this week on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights at 7:00 pm; however, I highly recommend arriving at 6:00pm to snag a good seat, half an hour before doors open. Snacks and beverages were sold during the show’s intermission in the lobby, but stopping by Yogurt Time next to Belair ends the night wonderfully (look in the program for a buy one get one free coupon— only one coupon per customer).

The musical overall was phenomenal, thanks to the amazing director, Mrs. Mars. Tears of sadness, laughter, and happiness filled the viewers’ eyes and created a lasting impression that will be hard to top with next year’s production. The cast, chosen diligently, was altogether stunning with even more beautiful voices. The chemistry between all the characters was not only strong, but also harmonious and congruous.

The loving father-son like relationship between Grantiere (Jacob Harmon) and Gavroche (Armand Munoz) was endearing and simply adorable.

However, the intense passion shown by Eponine (Katie Zimmerman) toward Marius (Mason Santa Catalina) grasped all of the audience’s attention. She had complete control of the audience in many scenes, especially through her solo “On My Own”.

Monsieur and Mademoiselle Thenardiers (Joe Shaberman) (Haley Burke) filled the entire stage with delight, personality, and comedic relief, bringing joy and laughter to the audience.

The most accurately casted was Mason Mack as Jean Valjean. He gave vivid life to a character on paper through his wholehearted dramatic performance and filled the room with his tremendous voice. The intriguing battle between him and Inspector Javert (Carson Sloan), who played his character exquisitely, created tension that the audience could not only see, but also feel. Sloan gave the inspector a personality that was extremely difficult to loathe during his solo “Soliloquy” for it was full of passion and true self conflict.

Sisters Bella and Sofia Vega sang beautifully throughout the musical. Playing the parts of Cosette and Fantine, both girls showed their devotion to musical theatre through their strong and broadway-bound voices.

The many other actors and ensemble worked hard as well and helped move the story along, connecting plots and linking characters together.

Full of passion, deceit, war, love, and utmost tragedy, the show will take you back in time to early nineteenth century France where you will fall in love with multiple characters and sit on the edge of your seat, fully intrigued in the storyline, acting, and wonderful voices. Being that it is the show of the year, it is once again absolutely outstanding, not only making my night, but moreover my entire week.


Here are some other photos from this amazing musical theater performance:

Dahl Photography
Dahl Photography