How The Camp Fire Has Affected the WHS Community


Nadia Ansari and Madison Bozzo

The Campfire (Paradise Fire)  has been one of the most tragic wildfires in California history.  It burned 153,336 acres,13,972 homes . That number was not including the 528 commercial buildings and 4,293 other buildings also gone in the flames. And although the number of missing people has dropped to 25, unfortunately 88 deaths have been accounted for due to these treacherous flames.

All of Paradise, California is gone. And It has affected tons of people everywhere. It has also had an impact on our campus as well. Mrs. Hanley’s family was affected by the fire. Her mother, father, brother, grandfather, and uncles were evacuated from, then lost their homes. The most helpful donations in Mrs. Hanley’s words are Gift Cards and cash through GoFundMe, so victims can get housing and basic necessities as soon as they can. Her family has received many donations, and without help, victims would not have basic necessities which many are grateful for.  

Mrs. Hanley wanted to add that she is “so sorry for everyone who has lost a loved one,” and that she “couldn’t imagine how [she] would feel if [she] would have”. She also wants to thank the teachers taking in families that were affected, and everyone who have shown her and her family love and support.

As WHS students, we can take action and help the Paradise victims by volunteering during the holidays,  and providing support to people who were relocated to the Roseville, Sacramento, and Rocklin as this is a very tough time for some.

If you want to help the Cal Fire organization, volunteering is very important, and even though the fire is fully contained meals or baked goods are always appreciated. Even though this fire was a setback on the city of Paradise, it will rebuild in time with the help of the California community. Woodcreek is showing our support by sending letter to the camp fire victims and donating our collected cans to those that need them.


Letters that will be sent out to students from the Paradise School district.