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Meet the 2018 Homecoming Royal Court

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Meet the 2018 Homecoming Royal Court

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Congratulations to the 2018 HOMECOMING ROYAL COURT…Princes Hudson Habermehl, Connor Branson, Peter Pagel, Carson Sloan, Andrew Staebler and Princesses Sonjia Escudero, Clara Jamison, Emily Rose, Isabella Helbock, Jen Herrera.

Before voting, take a minute to get to know our Royal Court by watching their video and reading about them in this exclusive Wolf Pack News (WPN) interview below.

Voting happens for ALL WOODCREEK STUDENTS (any grade) on Thursday Sept. 27 all day from 7 am – 5 pm.  Click HERE to vote!

What does it mean to you to be part of the 2018 Homecoming Court?


CLARA: I am beyond honored to have been chosen to be on the royal court. I know there were so many amazing people who applied, so it means a lot that I have this opportunity to serve on the Homecoming Court. I’ve already had so many fun memories this week and I can’t wait for the rally and game to complete the week! This is definitely going to be a highlight of my senior year!

EMILY: I am absolutely so grateful that I am a part of the Royal Court this year! It is a super exciting experience and being chosen as princess means so much to me because it represents the recognition of the achievements I have made throughout high school. Sometimes I feel like I’m not always “good enough” and can be really hard on myself; but being recognized by my peers, the staff, and administration for my hard work in school and extra-curriculars helped reassure my self confidence and optimism just in time for college applications! It is truly such an honor and I’m so appreciative that I’m a part of something so special my senior year and get to be a part of it with such great people!

ISABELLA: It is such an honor to be a part of the Homecoming Royal Court. It is such a cool experience getting closer with the other people in the Royal Court as well as representing not only the senior class, but all of Woodcreek. It shows how hard each of us have worked in every aspect of school, from academics to sports.

JEN: It is super cool that I get to be a part of the Homecoming Royal Court because a lot of people applied and it means a lot to me that I was chosen. It’s cool to think that I earned it and that people here at Woodcreek thought I deserved it. It’s really awesome to see that my hard work is starting to pay off for me. I’m super thankful to be chosen as a princess and it just makes this Homecoming week even more fun and spirited for me! This will definitely be a highlight of my senior year!

SONJIA: For me being a part of the 2018 Homecoming Royal Court is an honor because of the positive aspects it has. It isn’t just something that is handed to just anybody and everyone who has received it was someone who stood out to our staff and administrators here at Woodcreek! It feels good to be recognized for all the hard work I put in for both my classes and extracurricular activities. I see this as something very special and I’m very thankful to be a part of something so exciting my senior year!


CARSON: When I think of being nominated for Homecoming Court, I personally feel honored. To me, this means that I’ve made enough of an impact on the community here at Woodcreek to be considered to represent my senior class. I’ve always tried my hardest to make strong relationships with both students and teachers, and I’ve always attempted to challenge myself inside and outside school. To me, Homecoming Court means being recognized for my accomplishments in the academic, athletic, theatrical, and social spheres.

HUDSON: Personally, I am extremely thankful to be a part of the 2018 Homecoming Royal Court. This achievement demonstrates all of the hard work I have put into my high school career both inside and outside the classroom. Through the countless hours of stress and lack of sleep to keep a high GPA, as well as balance three sports and multiple sports, this nomination acts as a reward of standing out from a large group of students at Woodcreek.

PETER: To me, being nominated to be on the Royal Court this year is an honor that can stand as a reward for all of the hard work put in during classes and extracurricular activities. I am honored to be able to represent Woodcreek, but also to be on a Royal Court with other very qualified and amazing individuals.

What activities, sports, clubs and leadership roles have you been involved with at Woodcreek? 


CLARA: Student Government (ASB President), NHS, and Key Club

EMILY: Woodcreek Cheer (9-12), Track & Field (10), Key Club (10), Student Government (10-11)

ISABELLA: Varsity Soccer, Science Club, Volleyball (9th grade)

JEN: Varsity Soccer, NHS, Spanish Story Time    

SONJIA: Cheer, Make a Wish Club, Key Club, Student Government, CMP


CARSON: Student Government, Speech & Debate, Track & Field, Cross Country, Musical Theatre, Turning Point USA, and Political Advocacy Club.

CONNOR: Varsity Soccer, Varsity Volleyball, Student Government, Class President, Cribbage Club

HUDSON: Varsity Lacrosse, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Football, NHS, Speech & Debate, Student Government (10)

PETER: Varsity Cross Country, JV Volleyball (9), Varsity Track (10), Musical Theater, NHS Vice President last year and current President, CSF

What are your favorite activities outside of school? 


CLARA: I love to dance and also teach dance classes to younger kids. In my spare time, I like to hang out with my friends and family

EMILY: working in my job as a gymnastics coach, going to the beach, watching the sunset, hiking, drawing/painting

ISABELLA: I love to play soccer with my comp team, go on hikes, and hang out with friends.

JEN: playing competitive soccer, hanging out with friends, traveling

SONJIA: guitar, work, gym, hanging with friends and family


CARSON: My favorite activities outside of school include drawing, musical theatre, anything to do with nature, (hiking, fishing, exploring, etc.) political discussion, and spending time with my friends/family.

CONNOR: I love the outdoors. Camping, hiking, backpacking…I love it all. I have played soccer competitively for 8 years. I enjoy playing cribbage, where I am the first ever Youth Grand National Champion. I am employed at Top Golf in Roseville. I also just love playing any sport I can.

HUDSON: competing in sports, exploring (hikes), going to the gym, spending time with my friends and family, taking vacations

PETER: running, being outdoors, exploring random stuff, hanging out with friends, painting, playing any sports

What do you consider your most unique quality?  Tell us something that most people don’t know about you.


CLARA: I feel like my most unique quality is my ability to just talk to anyone I come across. I am very social and and love making new friends.

EMILY: I believe that my most unique quality is my perseverance/determination. When faced with difficult challenges and situations throughout life, I never chose to give up, I always am determined to take down all obstacles in my way and learn something from the experience.  I’m a very goal-set person and persistently work towards achieving anything that I set my mind to.

JEN: For me, I think that my most unique quality is my ability to be flexible and adapt to any situation. Whether inside or outside of school, I feel like I always manage to make things work out in the end.

SONJIA: I believe my most unique quality would have to be my ability to handle all situations with ease. No matter what circumstance I’m put in, I always do my best to try and find a way to make a positive outcome for everyone.


CARSON: Perhaps my most unique quality that not many people know besides my close friends is my hyperactive imagination. I always enjoy talking about random, abstract topics, creating ideas for video games or movies, making up stories and characters, and drawing people or creatures I think up in my head. Oftentimes when I’m alone, this is how I entertain myself. The things that help stimulate my imagination sometimes are dark classical music and nature. I’ll quote a good friend of mine, Mason Mack, when he said; “Sloan, I wish my future kids will have half the imagination you do.” It was a shining moment in my life, indeed.

CONNOR: I believe my most unique quality is my leadership. I try to help others succeed in whatever it is that they are doing. When in class discussions, I try to input and help the class learn as a whole. I often take leadership roles during projects and during class. I take pride in the fact that I can help others and hopefully be a role model to younger students.

HUDSON: The most unique quality I possess is the ability to manage time. Now this is a common goal for most high school students; but personally I have days where I am so busy with extracurricular activities that I don’t get home until past the sunset. This trait allows myself to grow into a more hardworking student, athlete and friend by having to balance all of the busy scenarios that come my way.

PETER: I believe that my most unique quality is my ability to be relational. I do my best to be a friend to all and be someone they can talk to. I hope to someday use this skill in the medical field as a nurse, and I am very thankful that I have been able to develop my ability as a relational person.

What is your favorite memory at Woodcreek High School?


CLARA: My favorite memory is the environmental science field trip to Point Reyes because it was educational and also a super fun bonding experience for everyone. I became close with people I wouldn’t expect and it was a super awesome weekend!

EMILY: My favorite memory was Night on the Quad my freshman year. I had so so so much fun with my friends! It was a very memorable experience and an amazing way to finish off my first year of high school.

ISABELLA: My favorite memory was my sophomore year when the varsity soccer team won the SFL league, making it only the second time in Woodcreek Women’s Soccer history.

JEN: My favorite memory was when the girls varsity soccer team won the SFL league during my sophomore year because everyone was super excited and we all had worked really hard.

SONJIA: My favorite memory would have to be my team performing the circle of death last year at the rally and game for Aurora. It was a stunt we worked really hard on to perfect and hit for our school and seeing them cheer and go crazy for it really made it worth it!


CONNOR: My favorite memory would have to be last year’s soccer season. We were ranked 7th in the section and had a very successful season. We went to the semifinals in the section tournament. I had a great year and received the first team all-league honor. It was an unforgettable year.

HUDSON: My favorite memory was definitely the decision of joining the varsity football team this year. Along with this decision, the feeling after not just beating Roseville in the Junction Bowl but destroying them was a memorable moment that I will never forget!

PETER: My favorite memory was when my cross country team and I won the SFL League Championship sophomore year, as we had fallen short the year before and came back to crush Rocklin and run some of our best races on a muddy course with pouring rain. It was incredibly fun and any activity with the cross country team always leaves everyone on the team happy due to our amazing sense of community.

Which spirit day have you enjoyed the most?


CLARA: I loved America day because it’s so fun to deck out in red, white and blue! I love the cute outfits you can put together to show your USA pride.

EMILY: Class colors has been my favorite spirit day so far because it was super cool seeing so many people representing their own colors whether it was yellow, green, purple, or pink. I loved seeing our school go all out to represent their own class!!

ISABELLA: Tie-Dye day is my favorite because it seems to be the day most people have dressed up and it’s fun to see everyone go all out with the bright colors.

JEN: I have enjoyed tie-dye day the most so far because it’s super easy to go all out and it’s just a fun day because almost everyone always dresses up.

SONJIA: I’ve enjoyed America day the most so far because I got to really go all out and show the most spirit on that day. I felt like most people could really get involved wearing 4th of July-themed outfits. Everyone showed school spirit because it was a more simple spirit day to participate in.


HUDSON: I love when we have class colors day because when everyone participates, it lights up the whole campus with color and looks like a wave of color during rallies!

PETER: I enjoyed class colors day because I had the chance to wear my Hawaiian shirt, and I love Hawaiian shirts. Being able to show school spirit with one of my favorite shirts was a great time.

What “big cities” have you traveled to in your lifetime?  Describe one of your favorite souvenirs from this city.


CLARA: I have traveled to New York, Honolulu, LA, Miami (FL), and Auckland, New Zealand. My favorite souvenir was a necklace I got from NZ that is made out of the Pāua shell.

EMILY: I have traveled to Honolulu, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. My favorite souvenirs were from Honolulu when I bought a handmade bracelet with my name on it and when I found some super cool seashells.

ISABELLA: I have been to Honolulu, San Francisco, New York, Toronto, LA, and Paris

JEN: I have been to New York, LA, San Francisco, and Waikiki. My favorite souvenir was a handmade bracelet from LA from one of the beaches there because it was so pretty and cool how someone could’ve made it.

SONJIA: I’ve been to LA and San Francisco. My favorite souvenir would have to be from San Francisco which was a pair of Tapatio socks. The reason I chose that was because I love different fun socks to wear and collect.


HUDSON: I have been to many big cities in my lifetime, but my ultimately favorite big city was Honolulu! I brought home a glass sea turtle souvenir after swimming in the ocean with them!

PETER: I have been to San Francisco, LA, and Seattle. My favorite souvenir would have to be a Hawaiian shirt from LA because you can’t go wrong with a colorful shirt that has dogs with sunglasses on riding in a car.

If you could live in any big city in the world, what city would you pick?


CLARA: I would choose San Francisco because, though I already live close, I love how pretty the painted ladies are and all of the cute boutiques and pastry shops!

EMILY: I would choose to live in Paris, France because I’ve always dreamt of traveling there. Paris appears to be so beautiful and everyone seems so friendly there. I also would love to experience the different “ways of life”, appreciate the unique artwork, try new foods, and of course see the Eiffel Tower.

ISABELLA: I would choose to live in Honolulu, HI because I have been going to Hawaii every year since I was 8 and it is basically a second home to me. I always love the atmosphere of Hawaii and would love to live there one day.

JEN: I would choose to live in Waikiki because the beaches are beautiful and everyone there is so nice. There also are a lot of sightseeing spots and great hikes. If I lived there, I would definitely want to learn how to surf.

SONJIA: If I could choose to live in one city, I would choose Honolulu because I love the beach and have only ever heard good things about the area there. I would love to learn how to surf and be able to live in the great weather there. I would also enjoy meeting cool people down there and learning more about the traditions in Hawaii.


HUDSON: Just as everyone else, if I could live in a big city, I would have to pick Honolulu. I love tropical weather and scenery and Hawaii has it all! To be able to live on the beach every day with the amazing view would be spectacular.

PETER: If I could live in any big city, I would choose Honolulu because it is near the beach in a tropical climate, a perfect combination. Being able to surf or snorkel every morning would not only be extremely enjoyable but also keep me fit and make me look for new places to explore and to have fun at. The geography of the area also is perfect in the sense that I could go climb a volcano and then go the beach all in the same day, and that sounds like the ultimate place for adventure.

Your class float theme is New York.  What is your favorite landmark in New York?  


CLARA: I love Times Square because of all of the business and bright lights! It’s super fun to sit in the middle of it at night.

EMILY: I’ve never been to New York, but I would definitely want to walk around Central Park! It seems like such a beautiful, lively place to walk around or have a picnic in.

ISABELLA: Times Square was by far my favorite part of New York. I loved all the lights and all the different people there.

JEN: I loved the Statue of Liberty when I went to New York because it is amazing to see in person and take the boat ride there.

SONJIA: Although I’ve never been, I’ve always wanted to visit Times Square, as it’s a very popular tourist spot in New york City.


HUDSON: Although I have never been to New York, I would love to visit the Statue of Liberty because throughout my life, the Statue of Liberty has been a big subject in history classes and being able to see its massive architecture would be awesome!

PETER: The Statue of Liberty is my favorite landmark in New York, as it is a large symbol of our country’s freedom and stands as almost a protector over the rest of the city.

What makes Woodcreek your “ideal destination”?


CLARA: I love Woodcreek because of the school pride and spirit everyone has. I feel so lucky to go to Woodcreek especially because I transferred from Roseville High School. I love the the support I feel from my peers and teachers and I love all of the high school memories I’ve made and can’t wait to make so many more!

EMILY: Woodcreek is my ideal destination because there’s something for everyone here at Woodcreek such as sports, clubs, volunteer opportunities, or just classes of your choice. There are unlimited ways to get involved at Woodcreek and make the best out of high school and I love that! The student body at Woodcreek is very friendly, and did I mention the teachers are amazing? I’ve been lucky enough to have had so many incredibly influential teachers throughout high school who have taught me important life lessons that I’ll carry with me from now on. We also have fantastic school events. All these things have made my 4 years at Woodcreek unforgettable!

ISABELLA: Woodcreek has always been a go-to place for me throughout my 4 years here. I have made strong connections with all my peers and teachers. I have always felt pushed by all my teachers to do my best and have always had a great time at every school event here.

JEN: Everyone is super nice to me here at Woodcreek and most of the teachers who I have had are super funny and care about me. There’s so many different activities that you could be a part of and there’s so much diversity here on campus. Our sports programs are amazing to be a part of and watch and I’m always surrounded by positive energy here at Woodcreek.

SONJIA: I see Woodcreek as my ideal destination because of the people who I can surround myself with and all of the different clubs and classes you can take. I’ve gotten to know so many new students and even teachers who have made a huge impact in my life! I love all the support everyone gives out and all the awesome personalities everyone has. It really has made Woodcreek an amazing place to spend all my 4 years!


HUDSON: What makes Woodcreek the “ideal destination” for me is the personality of the school. What I mean when I personify Woodcreek is the atmosphere it brings every day. Friends are made that can last forever, teachers bond extremely well with their students, and as a school, many big events bring everyone together such as the rallies, black mobs, and vast amount of clubs available for students. Being a varsity football player, I can definitely see the school come together throughout our success and we have such a large support group from the staff and students!

PETER: Woodcreek is an “ideal destination” solely because of the people on campus. I have met most of my good friends on Woodcreek’s campus, and have also been introduced to new groups and activities that I never would have joined if I didn’t meet certain people here. Everyone gets along so well on the campus and the teachers and staff are supportive of not just the norm but also new ideas that may be presented. I have learned so much, not just from the classes, but from the people on campus and all the diverse cultures and opinions, and this is what ultimately makes WHS an “ideal destination”.

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