Goodbye to an inspirational dance teacher

Jaden Williams


Kyra Pederson, Journalism 1 Staff Reporter

For the past 20 years, there have been two dance shows every year that the dance students are part of here at Woodcreek. Lydia Ajay has been teaching dancers for 12 years and many students have an emotional attachment to her, making her feel blessed. 2015 will be her last year teaching Woodcreeks dancers.

Her resignation has a lot to do with her knee injury, because it’s difficult for her to dance with her students. “It feels like its time.” stated Ajay.

All these years she has been happy being here, but now she just wants to be home. For the new teacher who will take her place, she would love for the traditions to stay the same and for her to demonstrate the techniques that are taught. She would like her students to maintain the respect she has taught them and keep things the way they have been. She states that she doesn’t quite know what she is going to do afterwards, but hopes to pursue teaching martial arts.

Out of respect for the future teacher, she will not be going to dance shows any longer, but will always keep in contact with her “dance family”. Her goals as dance instructor have always been to teach commitment and know how to behave on and off stage. Being able to go on and look at dances and still be able to critique them even if you are no longer dancing, and her biggest goal would be having her students become full dancers or dance teachers.

Ajay feels she will be remember most by her dancers and her laugh. She has many proud moments in dancing and theater, like leading roles in dances and plays, but seeing her students succeed is a really proud moment for her.

Through the challenges and learning processes over the years, Ajay has had a large influence on her students, “the group is a direct reflection on the leader” she stated.

Even though Ajay is leaving, her dance family will continue on with the values she has taught them and she definitely will not be forgotten.