Not forgotten

Aminah Gutierrez, Newbie Reporter

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A recent study done by the Packard Foundation for Children’s Health, stated that there are over 62,000 kids placed in foster care, in California alone. This means that many kids in California will have a Christmas without their families, and at a stranger’s home.


Often times when we think of foster children, we think of the younger kids, but there are also a lot of teenagers that are in the foster care system. Many of these teens are worried about aging out of the system and what they are going to do when they turn 18. Aging out of the system can be a very scary thing, and can cause a lot of stress on these teenagers without a permanent home.


With the holidays coming up, students at Woodcreek want to help ease these teenagers stress. The Make-a-Wish Club partnered with STOP Club, to bring holiday cheer to foster teenagers. These clubs came together, and made a list of things that teenagers would want for Christmas.


This list included things like deodorant, toothbrushes, hair ties, and the basic necessities that most of us take for granted.


Officer of STOP club, Alejandro Alfaro said that, “These things that seem small to us can really make a difference to them.”


He also stated that it is so important for us to not only recognize the younger kids, but the teenager as well, because unfortunately they are often forgotten. However this Christmas, Woodcreek made sure that they were not forgotten.

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