• CMP Guitar Show 11/13

  • Thanksgiving Break 11/19-11/26

  • Club Photo Day (11/7)

Madison Bozzo
“Examine our every action through the lens of how we would feel if it were to become front page news.”

—John Mackey

Staff may know me as the director of photography, the girl who spams everyone that there’s a meeting in room 122 after school, or that person that brought Coca-Cola on club rush day. My name is Madison Bozzo, and I am a proud member of both Good Morning Woodcreek and Wolf Pack Press, known together as Wolf Pack News (WPN). Not only do I enjoy filming, writing, and anything else creatively artistic, but also making people happy; I like to deliver good news. Thus, being part of WPN excites me, leaving me wanting to search the school for good news that will bring smiles to our audience. On the behalf of WPN, thank you for providing us with noteworthy news.

Madison Bozzo, Director Of Photography For GMW/ Editor-In-Cheif For WPP

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