Cassandra Bennett- Editor-in-Chief
Cassandra Marie Bennett is the Editor-in-Chief of Wolf pack press 2017-2018

Her biggest inspiration in her life is music. She says when she listens to the beats it inspires her to write poetry and stories. Being able to convey her feelings on paper is very important to her.

Both her parents describe her as passionate about the things she loves, dramatic sometimes, but most of all she’s creative and funny.

Her best memory at the moment is when she won 2 awards for my AMV’s at the Sacanime convention when she had never won before. It was the most exciting feeling ever for her.

Her favorite things to write about are creative reviews, interviewing important people, and also about the small things that occur at our school

1 thing that interesting about her is she's traveled to 7 Europe Countries in the past 2 years: Czech Republic,Slovakia, Great Britain, France, Hungary, Germany, Austria, France.

In the future she plans to attend the University of San Francisco with a Major in History specifically Russian History with a minor in Theater Arts.. She wants to be able to travel the world more experiencing new things an seeing dazzling sights.  As hobby, she wishes to continue acting and perform whenever she cans. Cassandra will also continue to write poetry and got to more anime conventions worldwide.

Her favorite quote of the year is, “Life is like a pencil that will surely run out, but will leave the beautiful writing of life,” Nami (One Piece).


Cassandra Bennett, Editor-in-Chief

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