Alyssa Shook
Very few people can say that they’ve chased a helicopter to the top of a building with a camera in their hand and followed it into the emergency room, twice. Not many people get to sit on top of the sky box to film football games, as well as get down onto the field and actively dodge players, just to get that “perfect shot”. I have done all of this and more, thanks to being an active part of newspaper. As well as writing stories and snapping pictures, I enjoy playing piano, singing, and playing pranks on my dogs. Since my newspaper beginnings, I have always wanted to be Editor-in-Chief, and this year I have been given the chance to lead into a positive direction, proving that if you work hard for your dreams and goals, they can be achieved. My next ambition is to have a novel published by a big publishing house and make a career out of writing. Keep believing in yourself, even if past experiences try and prove you incapable; with a little effort and enthusiasm, you can make any vision a reality!

Alyssa Shook, Editor-in-Chief

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