Fall 2019 Season Highlights


Olga Yashlavskiy , Staff Reporter

If there is a school that knows how to dominate in certain sports it’s WHS! Feeling that timberwolf pride yet? Well, you should. Our sports teams certainly took the league by storm, many finishing the season undefeated or with few losses. 

Here are some statistics at a glance: 

  • Jew lead the Girls Volleyball season (Varsity) to outstanding score of 11:1 
  •  both varsity Tennis and Waterpolo went undefeated!

Now that’s something to be proud of! 

We want to congratulate all the fall sports teams with their amazing seasons, regardless of how they ranked in league they worked extremely hard. And with winter sports just around the corner,we can’t wait to see what else the WHS sports teams will do! Stay tuned for more at a glance statistics + recaps.  

On a side note if you have a sports team that you feel was not represented and you wish for us to make a shout out for please feel free to email: [email protected]