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Whitney High Hosts the Unified Sports Soccer Match

Alyssa Shook, Editor-in-Chief

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Special needs students from the entire Roseville-Rocklin area came together at Whitney High School on Friday, October 28th to celebrate and compete in a series of soccer matches. Whitney, Rocklin, Granite Bay, Antelope, Roseville, and Woodcreek special needs students all participated in the Unified Sports event. Both Gyms were packed as students, teachers, and mentors all cheered on their friends and peers. While the Woodcreek team won some matches, and lost others, it wasn’t the final score that mattered to those who came out to watch the matches.

The opening ceremony began with the singing of the National Anthem and a pledge by two of the players; “Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.” This is the motto of Special Olympics athletes and the Unified Sports players alike. Then, the matches began. All of the matches were fun to watch, players from both teams making goals, and blocking goals. But winning was not the main objective of today’s events, “It’s really fun to see them happy. Seeing them happy, that’s what makes me happy,” says Senior Jackson Hebert, a mentor and peer helper for these students.

Senior Cami Karr states, “I feel like people look at special needs kids and think they have nothing to offer, but when you meet them you get to learn their individual personalities and quirks.” Because of their connection to the special needs students, their mentors were invited out to play with them and cheer them on with decorated posters and loud cheering. The Woodcreek supporters never let a goal happen without loud cheers and hollers, soon it became contagious and the entire gym was screaming for our special needs students.

The event was incredibly successful and everybody in attendance had a great time in the company of fellow students, parents, athletes, and teachers. Many thanks to Whitney High School for hosting such a great event!

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Alyssa Shook, Editor-in-Chief

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Whitney High Hosts the Unified Sports Soccer Match