“It was Validation”: Double win for Varsity Cross Country


XC Celebrates their victory

Helen Huang, Staff Reporter

On the evening of October 28, the Cross Country team celebrated one of their most important wins of the season.

The SFL Championships meet was held at Rocklin’s Johnson-Springview Park on a cold, drizzly Friday afternoon. The courses were unusually slippery because of the rain.

“It was pretty muddy,” says junior runner Anitha Graves, who placed 14th in the varsity girls race. “All the girls were just trying to avoid all the puddles.”

Despite the weather and the condition of the trails, both the varsity girls and varsity boys teams managed to pull off first place in their respective fields, beating other top local high school teams—namely Rocklin, Granite Bay, Folsom, Oak Ridge, Del Oro and Nevada Union. The double win rewarded the efforts of the girls and ended a drought on the boys’ side, finally giving them the Championships after two years of disappointment.

“It was pretty ecstatic,” Terri McKillop, one of the coaches, reports. “It was like a party atmosphere…singing, screaming…” Senior Taylor Everts didn’t run that day, but she was there, and she immediately says, “[They were] jumping around, yelling, really excited.” Anitha Graves puts it clearly: “I don’t know what else to say other than exciting! Everybody was really happy.”

“It shows it was all worth it,” Coach McKillop concludes. “The heat, the late night practices, the pain and agony. It was validation.”