THEN- Dance show “Legends and Heroes” certainly super

Jency James, Staff Reporter

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A lot of change happens with the dance shows every year, from the costumes to the choreography to the fresh batch of new dancers. But the one important thing that changes every year is the theme, and the theme, and the theme for this dance show is legends and heros.

The show focused on legendary performers (and no Hannah Montana  doesn’t count) such as elvis and Liza Minnelli and held a performance in tribute to fathers, Batman and the heroes of 9/11. Special guests, the advance dance class of roseville high school performed the beatles medley. Several different genres of dance were represented in the show. “Dance styles include jazz, hip-hop, waltz, contemporary, hula/Tahitian, salsa and more,” Lydia Viduya, dance department director said.

While the choreography was designed flawlessly and the performers executed the moves almost perfectly, the show had more than just great dance performances. There were a number of entertaining theatrics incorporated into the shw such as the ski-masked robber in the Batman performance to the janitor frustrated with his workers in the It’s Tricky number and sophomore, Austin Severet doing a solija boy move in a dance off. there was also a great amount of lip-synching in the show, the SNL kind. Instead, dancers lip-synched comically to the narratives that were in songs such as The Gospel Truth from the movie Hercules and Mein Herr by Liza Minnelli.


There were a number of standout performances such as Mein Herr performance. I’d get in trouble describing the dance in great detail but you can make your own assumptions based on the cat calls and the wolf whistles the boys behind me expressed. The Hercules dance was entertaining with Jacob fritz’ sand the muses lip sync narrative along with the black silhouettes of the muses posing. The hip hop dancers were also a great deal of fun to watch with the dance off in This is How We Do It, and the break dancing and 5 second countdown in the Ode to Missy Elliot. The performance of Santa Claus Is Coming to Town was like a tribute to the Rockettes with the can can line and the high leg kicks. Based on Roseville’s dance class performance of the Beatles Medley, we’ve got some stiff competition. There were also heartstring jerking dances like Heaven 9/11 with the heart-felt narrative of a little girl and her dad, and Skin where Cheralyn Lutz performed a solo dedicated to a loved one who survived cancer. Angels on the moon was opened with a dedication to the late Chris Helmer.


The dance started off slow but morphed into an inspirational mood with its crackling guitar and drums. A father daughter dance was highlighted and ended with the girls embracing their fathers. Although it’s well known fact that dancers must smile when performing, the girls in the Madonna dance should realize it doesn’t have to look so forced and painful. There also were a couple of missteps in the dances here and there but nothing too dramatic.

Overall, the dance show was very entertaining and audiences of all ages had a great time. There were grey and powerful messages in each dance that shone through. I can truly say that I was a little sad to have to leave once the show was over.


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