Drumline & Colorguard: The Forgotten Performing Arts

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Drumline & Colorguard: The Forgotten Performing Arts

Meghan Eischens and Sarah Worley

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Woodcreek has excelled in many different performing arts programs, some of those including dance, choir, guitar, etc. but there are two classes that hide behind the band of Woodcreek High School, Drumline and Guard.

In the winter, these two performing arts programs go through a series of competitions to get to the top.  Although they went straight to the top these last few years, no one seems to care since it is not sport or dance related.

Drumline is a big part of the music program that a lot of students overlook. It is described as a section of percussion instruments that are usually played as part of a marching ensemble.

Chris Baker, four year Drumline instructor, said that it is like playing a sport— a lot of hard work, but fun. He also said that over the past few years there has been an increased commitment and reading level.

In the previous year, Drumline got first place at Championships, however, this year, they took sixth at Championships due to a time penalty, but earned first place in music and composition.

“Drumline is a great way to meet other people and express yourself in a different way,”

said Megan Black, Woodcreek sophomore and Drumline member.

Colour Guard is another big part of the performing arts programs, leading the front, then following the back of the Marching band during fall, and having their individual competitions in the winter and spring. Guard competitions consist of flags, swords (sabers), rifles, etc and involve a dance routine as well.

“It’s competition,” says Alyssa Pike, a sophomore in Colour Guard, “I like it a lot and I recommend it to most people who are ready for the responsibility.”

This year, Colour Guard was taken in by Kelly Hartnett, Guard captain of Sacramento State, who joined in the Guard in fall 2014. Winning second and third place through all their competitions, during winter and spring with Meredith Gerard, Colour Guard captain and Hartnett, they took home first place at their Championship competition.

Through tough times and many wins, Guard and Drumline have still been overlooked throughout the years. This has not stopped them from trying their best and winning championships for Drumline 2014 and Guard 2015.

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