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Where to get the best Christmas tree

Ashley Rasina, Opinions Editor

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I am not sure about everyone else, but my Christmas is not complete without a Christmas tree in my living room. Finding the perfect tree is an important part of every Christmas, but it all starts on which tree farm you choose.

If you are short on time this holiday season (and let’s be honest with these class loads nowadays who isn’t?), do not fear, there is plenty of Christmas tree farms nearby. Mikey’s Christmas Trees is nearby, and has a nice selection of trees to choose from. Northwood Christmas Trees is only about a half hour away and is a local favorite. Both of these farms offer quick and easy access to great Christmas trees to liven up your family room. On top of these farms, there is plenty of other local farms to choose from.

However, despite all of these great local options, my absolute favorite tree farm is Kenny, Harry and Heidi’s Christmas Tree Farm in Garden Valley. Yes, the name may be a mouthful, and it may be an hour away, but it is totally worth it. The farm is family run, they have a great selection of trees, and you can cut them down yourself. My family has been going to this farm for almost as long as I can remember, and the great service (and free hot chocolate) are definitely a winner.

Whatever Christmas tree farm you choose, I hope you find an amazing tree, and have a very happy holiday season.

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Ashley Rasina, Staff Reporter

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Where to get the best Christmas tree