At the cinema: Suicide Squad

Alyssa Shook, Editor-in-Chief

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Suicide Squad was the most highly anticipated movie of the summer, promising awesome action scenes and complex “villains”. What happens when great expectations are mixed with failed execution and missed opportunity? A 26% approval rating, according to Rotten Tomatoes. The movie promised greatness, advertising actors such as Jared Leto, Will Smith, and Cara Delevingne, however, the eclectic cast was confusing on the silver screen. It was like watching one big cameo, a really bad one that you just want to end. Not only did the lack of chemistry stand out in the acting, but also after the final cut. Actor Jared Leto, who played the Joker, complained in several interviews that he wasn’t in the movie enough. Many fans agree that the Joker should have appeared in more scenes, especially since the hype around him was so great.

While the cast chemistry is simple to overlook, the horrible plot was impossible to forget. The main conflict was so “out there” and “far-fetched”, that it almost seemed that I was watching two separate movies.  They tried so hard at doing everything that they succeeded at nothing; between the super villain backstories, the Joker/Harley Quinn love story, and the Enchantress conflict, everything became very jumbled. The movie became painful to watch and I ended up zoning out the rest of the movie. Basically, the movie had nothing going for it other than the insane end fight scene (which was totally worth my time).

Final rating: 2/7 badly characterized supervillains.

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