The ‘Pan’-tastic movie

Cassandra Bennett, Staff Reporter

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The 2015 movie ‘Pan’, directed by Joe Wright, has introduced viewers to a new story and version of the classic bedtime story, ‘Peter Pan’.

The opening scene of the movie shows Peter’s loving mother leaving him on the doorstep of an orphanage. A few years later, Peter adapts to the conditions of the orphanage with his best friend Nibs while they both search for their place in their world.

Just when his life couldn’t get more confusing, Peter and his fellow orphans are kidnapped in the dead of night by the pirates of Neverland. Being enslaved into mining by the dreaded pirate ‘Blackbeard’, Peter teams up with the harsh-natured ‘James Hook’ along with the goofy yet resourceful ‘Smee’.

 As they finally escape Blackbeard’s fortress, they encounter the enchanting but dangerous warriors of the the forest. This is where the princess ‘Tiger Lilly’, reveals to Peter that he is part of an ancient prophecy that will lead an uprising against ‘Blackbeard’ and hopefully lead him to the secret to what happened to his long lost mother.

The scene that really got my attention in the beginning was with the impressive effects that support the battle scenes between other fly ships and airplanes were very realistic. The camera moved throughout the entire movie made you feel like you were part of the action. The scenes that took place within the tribes were brightly lit with lots of color that seemed to jump out of the screen and had very creative costume designs of the people. Hugh Jackman as the character ‘Blackbeard’ portrayed a very sinister character but made the character fun all the same. Especially during fight scenes where he showed excellent expressions that portrayed his character well. One of the things I disliked about the movie was the director’s view on the character James Hook. I wasn’t entirely sure if it was the director’s or the actor’s fault but the way Hook acted was over the top dramatic. The whole movie he talked with a strong cowboy accent in very dramatic-like way that didn’t seem right. It almost killed the entire character if it wasn’t for his co star Peter Pan. I give this movie, ‘Pan’ 4.5 stars out of 5. When going into and watching the movie you have to realize that this isn’t the original origin story of the beginning of Peter Pan and that this is the director’s point of view on the story.

Knowing this I believe that all children and adult of all ages can enjoy this film and make it a new classic for the family.  

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