Rixton’s debut album “Let the Road”

Julia Boal, Journalism Staff Reporter

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Herey! Herey! By order of the Queen, I’ve been told to inform you of UK boy band Rixton and their debut album “Let the Road”. Rixton consists of lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Jake Roche, lead guitarist/vocalist Charley Bagnall, bassist/keyboardist/vocalist Danny Wilkin, and drummer/vocalist Lewi Morgan.

The band hails from Manchester, England and has dedicated themselves to doing what they love, playing music. It was a slow start for the band; playing hole-in-the-wall venues to try to get a following, to writing music, to putting covers up on YouTube, and to finally landing a record deal and having their debut album come out. The hard work of the boys has paid off and the album is certainly one to be proud of.

All the songs were great, but my favorite is “I Like Girls”, the beachy feel of the song makes you feel like playing it while hanging out at the beach and settling in for a bonfire with friends.

Another favorite is “Speakerphone”, the harmonies and Roche’s singing is incredible. Everyone needs a song they can blast after a breakup. Well, this song is just for you, so roll down your windows, drown in your sorrows and sing(scream) along to this song.

Overall out of five this album as a whole is a solid 4. So congrats Rixton on your awesome album and keep on doing what you’re doing.


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