Adventures in real music

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Adventures in real music

Emily Delos Santos, Journalism Reporter

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From beginning his career on YouTube covering the Beatles to having his very own album, artist Dylan Gardner takes a huge leap in his career. Dylan, an eighteen year old singer and songwriter, has been writing music since 2010. His new album Adventures in Real Time, overall is a very upbeat, well put together album.

Simply put, this is one hell of an accomplished debut,” states Gardner in an interview with PopDose.

Gardner’s states that his music style is mainly influenced by the Beatles; evident in his music video for “Lets Get Started.” He has the type of voice that doesn’t age, and throughout his music video he plays numerous instruments.  The songs on the album is very energetic and it fits with his personality, music wise.

Gardner was recently featured in the Huffington Post, speaking about how out of 100 songs he’s written over the years, how he managed to cut it down to only 10 for his album.

He stated, “I started writing songs in 2010, and we finally picked a selection in 2012…I kind of had this undying energy to always do something creative before I went to sleep, otherwise I felt like I didn’t do my duty as a human that day.”

The lyrics relate to the feelings and situations of most teens of today and has you wanting more. He has this boy band vibe with a twist in his original songs.

If you have a soft spot for music with a slight indie vibe, or maybe just want to experience new music, I highly recommend that you listen to Dylan Gardner’s new album.

A+ for his upbeat style and inviting sound.

The track-listing for Adventures in Real Time is:

  1. Let’s Get Started relateable
  2. Heroes Tonight
  3. I’m Nothing Without You
  4. Too Afraid To Love You
  5. I Think I’m Falling for Something
  6. The Actor
  7. Sing For The Stars
  8. Feeling of Love
  9. With A Kiss
  10. Invincible


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