Juice WRLD Dead at 21

David Fowlie , Writer

On December 8th 2019, the world lost yet another artist. Jarad Higgins, also known by his stage name Juice WRLD, was walking through Chicago Midway Airport when he unexpectedly starting seizing. By the time police arrived to help, he was conscious, but died shortly after in a local hospital. He had just turned 21 a week before. Jarad Higgins was born December 2nd, 1998 in Chicago. His parents divorced when he was just 3 years old which left him to be raised by his mother, who happened to be very conservative and religious. Because of this, Jarad was not exposed to much rap or R/B music during his childhood, and instead grew up on rock and pop music that he heard in video games that he played.He also learned the piano at age 4, as well as guitar and drums. He even played the trumpet in school for the band. Higgins gained most of his musical attraction on Apple’s Sound Cloud, and was originally named “JuicetheKidd” before changing his title in 2015 to “JuiceWRLD”. In 2018, he released his much praised song “Lucid Dreams” and it’s music video which quickly caught attention and peaked on the Billboard Top 100, as well as his other song “All Girls Are the Same”. In 2019, he performed with Nicki Minaj on the Nicki Wrld Tour. His career was taking off and everything seemed to be going in his favor. But from a young age, Jarad had been abusing drugs and other substances for various reasons. He also smoked cigarettes, and only stopped in his senior year of his school because he was experiencing health problems. Because he was doing all of this as a minor and also because of his new wealth due to his music career, police were very watchful of him and there is a rumor going around that the police that got to him at the airport were waiting for him to get off the plane to arrest him. This stems to another rumor going around that the reason he was seizing was because he had drugs and illegal substances on the plane, and was under their influence when he was walking in the airport. These are all still only rumors though, and after his untimely death, his amount of streams on Spotify have increased by 5 million listeners. Many fans are mourning his death and it is very apparent that he will be missed by many.