CMP Concert Review: ” Night of Classics”

Kaitlynn Branco, Staff Reporter

On Thursday, October 21 Woodcreek’s Commercial Music 1 program put on a Night of Classics where seven bands performed different rock songs. The night was full of great music, with each band featuring a drummer, a piano or keyboard player, two guitars, bass, and a vocalist. The show was entertaining with both the music and the attire. The students in commercial music dressed in a wide variety of outfits; a hot dog costume, futuristic glasses, Santa hats, Hawaiian garments, and the usual punk rock clothes. 

After the show I interview a guitar player in Commercial Music 1 and asked him some questions about how the program works. Commercial Music 1 is a course for students who have already done Guitar 1 or Piano 1 however you can audition to be in the program with no prior classes. The Commercial Music director Mr. Jason Bond put the students into bands and gives them genres. The students then have to find songs that have elements of those genres in them. If the band can show how the song evolved from the genre they can play it for the concert. CMP even gets to play at Disneyland. I asked the guitar player for CMP who they would recommend the class to, he said, “anyone who likes music.”