Your can donations really do change lives, including that of WHS students



Sara Gill, Guest Writer

Where the Money Goes

There was a little girl who had a dad, a mom, a big sister, and two brothers. Her dad was a banker, her mom was a computer science professor and a graduate from Harvard. One day the little girl’s sister got very very sick; so they took her to the doctor and shortly after this, they found out her big sister had cancer. 

The girl went on about her usual day as if nothing was different. Little did she know, her sister’s hospital expenses and chemotherapy were costing  around $75,000 a week. The family’s insurance could only pay for a small portion because of the rare cancer. This led to the family becoming homeless from the little girl’s 1st-3rd grade years. Keep in mind the mom still continued to work her job as a professor, but the dad stayed home with the four kids.

As the family started getting back on their feet, they were blessed with food from food drives and food banks. When Christmas came around, the family received gifts from toy drives like Toys for Tots. Once the family had built a new household, they gave back as much as they could.

This story ends with a strong single mother, a big sister who beat cancer, a big brother who is working on graduating nursing school, a 13 year-old brother who loves Fortnite and finally a 15 year-old little girl who dreams of being a doctor. 

This is a true and very real story; this is my story. I am a sophomore at Woodcreek High School who loves volleyball. My name is Sara Gill. The reason I want to raise awareness to this topic is because some people don’t know where their donated canned goods are going. These simple items can change the course of someone’s life, so I encourage you to give what you can!  Thank you.