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Why Women Don’t Belong in the Kitchen

Nadia Ansari, Opinions Editor

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A few days ago, I was in class discussing with my english teacher about an assignment , and one of the boys made a very inappropriate comment . This boy stated some random pieces of information that summarized to  “ that all women belong in the kitchen.”

Now you’re probably thinking, how does one person get from english class to kitchens and sexist comments?  We were planning a potluck and this guy really wanted a particular dish.

Maybe I was taking this comment the wrong way, but he appeared to be looking at me . But I got extremely upset. I think my english teacher might have noticed too. Many thoughts ran through my head after this guy in my class made this comment. How much trouble would I get into if I slapped him? Can I just get out of my seat and leave ?  But I made a decision just to sit down and now I regret doing so .

Sure, this comment is small and stupid , but it hits very hard to me has a women . In the United States alone , women rights have been shot down this past year . Women are losing rights to abortions and birth control while male products including viagra and male contraceptives are increasing . Not only that, even the president of the United States insults women . For example, 1996 Miss Universe contestant Alicia Machado was mocked by president Donald Trump himself for her weight. The result , Machado developed anxiety and eating disorders .  Roy Moore is also another example . He is running for Alabama’s senate and he has many claims of assault on young teens. He even signed a victim’s yearbook and yet he denies all claims and law enforcement does nothing. There is very good reason for him to be locked up and nobody believes the victims.

Okay sure ,this has absolutely nothing to do with the comment this guy made in my class, but it opens a door of fear for women and people altogether . In today’s rap and hip hop music , women are seen as lower than men by calling them inappropriate names including “bitch” or “slut” and even female rappers do this as well .  Not only is this demonetizing , it puts women into a corner and is teaching young children that women should always be lesser than the man .

It is not the 1950’s , women should not have to stay home and watch the children while the men go to work. Women are just like men in many ways ; we are all people . Us women are smart , strong , tough, and brave because we know when to speak up when we don’t like something.

Sadly, the topic of sexist comments on women is avoided not just by the government as harassment, it is avoided as a talking point in public schools and for families at home. Well , reader, I challenge you to bring up this topic of sexist comments with friends and family because if we speak up now against sexisim our future children wont be dealing with this.

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Nadia Ansari, Editor-In-Chief For WPP

My name is Nadia Ansari and I am a Junior here at Woodcreek. I am a Swimmer For Wolverine Aquatics in Rocklin, and I swim for the high school in the spring....

Why Women Don’t Belong in the Kitchen