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1st Day Of School : Why it was just too much

Nadia Ansari, Opinions Editor

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The first day of school began on August 9th this year , which of course is still early thanks to the teaching union.  Many different activities took place that were different than from last year, including the Freshman class of 2021 getting a standing ovation walking into the auditorium. This gave the freshman a sense of belonging to the wolf pack community. This year’s theme is stronger together meaning that we should motivate people. But the noncontrolling applause and screaming seemed to get out of hand from time time during the raley.

To me, two rallies in one day is just too much . Ask anyone at the second rally standing in the back exhausted while the staff members were jumping up and down screaming “go creek” . The first rally was super fun as we welcomed the new freshman in and played ‘Finish the song lyric”.  But lots of students and even staff members were drained at the end of the day .

I love the speaker, I just thought it was not the right day to have her come and speak to rest of the student body.  And for the many people who talked about their losses of loved ones , medical issues, etc. The first day of school is already stressful and to make people stand up and share emotional stories about their lives around people they don’t know can be uncomfortable and overwhelming for students of the new school year. It was an impactful speaker but it wasn’t the best day to have her scheduled on the first day, I was annoyed by the time I got to the  one hour lunch,which gave us nice break from the first day, I really wanted to go back to class and see my new classes

In conclusion , the first day this year was crazy . But maybe this craziness will rub off in a positive way, but I didn’t like it that much .

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Nadia Ansari, Editor-In-Chief For WPP

My name is Nadia Ansari and I am a Junior here at Woodcreek. I am a Swimmer For Wolverine Aquatics in Rocklin, and I swim for the high school in the spring....

1st Day Of School : Why it was just too much