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Aurora 2017 lacks creativity

Helen Huang, Staff Reporter

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DISCLAIMER: This article is not meant to be taken seriously. Don’t be offended. And don’t stop reading the newspaper, please.

It’s that time of the year again. And no, when I say that, I don’t mean the abrupt end of winter break, although that can be a very traumatic event. What I’m referring to is the upcoming Aurora Borealis dance and the special week surrounding it. And it’s special because…come on, what’s not to love about rallies and themed dressups and freaking out over dates to the dance? Right?

Uh, no. Not in my opinion.

My stance actually has little to do with what occurs during Aurora. Instead, I’m irritated by its one consistent thing: its theme.

Yes, the “Night With the Gods”, which features Greek mythology and ideas based on the Grecian style, warrants my hate.

Okay, okay—maybe not my hate. But you get what I mean.

Here’s how I see it: it is the year 2017 in America. By now, the obsession with the Ancient Greeks has been going on for a pretty long time. Exactly how long–you can say it’s as short as a few decades, or as old as our Founding Fathers’ interest in Greek democracy–is up to debate, but the fact is, this kind of thing has been seen before. I can’t confirm whether or not Woodcreek’s ever had a Greek-themed Aurora Borealis before this; however, I can say with confidence that most of us have been through middle school, and most middle schools in the country teach something about the Greeks during those those years. Many do so with a heavy focus on how America got its ideals from Greece, how we still have a Greek-inspired Olympics (though with more clothes involved), how the front of the Supreme Court building looks like the Parthenon, etc., etc., etc… And while I’m at this, I might as well reference more of the mythology and give a nod to the Percy Jackson series, which is popular enough that it makes it nearly impossible to claim you haven’t been exposed to some Greek stuff.

Bottom line: we’ve encountered this before.

It’s gotten boring.

The thing that’s really making me pout is how many creative choices we had besides Night With the Gods. There was the lush, brightly-colored Arabian Nights. There was a Harry Potter option that included strung-up lights in the pictures. I’m disappointed that we chose to go with the theme that’s been featured in everything.

There’s no use in complaining, though. The week’s kicking off, the rally and dance will still happen, and the spirit week banners are already up. Besides, the theme was picked through the ancient Greek way of voting (what do you know). A democracy is a democracy.

Still, I can’t help frowning.

That Harry Potter theme would have been cool.

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Helen Huang, Staff Reporter

Heming Huang (or Helen, as everyone calls her) is a freshman Newbie Reporter. She enjoys writing just about anything, but her focus is mainly on newspaper...

Aurora 2017 lacks creativity