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Is Aurora worth it?

Nadia Ansari, Staff Reporter

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This weekend, the Aurora Borealis dance will be upon us. Personally, I don’t foresee this dance being great and these are my reasons for being anti-Aurora this years.

First, he date is bad . Woodcreek had a choice to place this dance before break and call it the “winter ball” (a dance that many schools have), or put it in march instead for a warmer season. But right after winter break? More people are spending time with their families over the holidays to even think about buying a dress, and dress buying could be insane if you have to do it last minute.

Second, the dances at here are not really the best. Many students might disagree and say that Aurora and Homecoming have activities to fit everyone’s interests, but in my opinion, Homecoming wasn’t even great. The problems? There were very poor song choices, the DJ never played a slow song, and the gym was very crowded with the large amounts of students piling in. It took an hour for everybody to be let into the dance!

If Aurora is going to be similar, what’s the point of going?

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Is Aurora worth it?