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Believe in yourself

Nadia Ansari, Staff Reporter

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For the past few months, I have been told I am not able to hang out with certain groups of people or be with certain people. The reason? I am too negative.

Negative? But I am just like everyone else I know. I see a lot of students who call themselves trash, ugly, and fat. Their friends bombard them with compliments. I just don’t understand . I do see myself as a little unhappy. I do tend to put myself down, but everyone else I know does it as well. So, why all of the sudden is it bad for me to be negative to myself? And why is it okay for other people to do it to themselves?

Maybe this is something for us to figure out on our journey to adulthood. Or maybe, us talking about ourselves in a negative manner is a way to cope with problems in our lives. So how do we stop this cycle altogether so we can feel positive about ourselves ?

Personally, this road of negativity had been long. I tend to say more negative than positive things to myself everyday because it makes me feel normal. I hope for everyone out there dealing with the same situation I did that you will wake up and realize that we shouldn’t be negatively putting ourselves down for personal merit.  And realize that people on the internet who insult themselves for fame or popularity are usually unhappy.

How has this happened? Why can’t the teenage population be happy with who they are and raise others up along with them? Don’t get me wrong, there are times in which we feel badly and we wish that we could roll up in a ball and cry. But that shouldn’t be an everyday thing.

I have found support from my family and my friends to start looking at the positive side of things. And it has changed me tremendously. I have looked into the mirror every night for the past two weeks and said to myself : “I’m proud of you.” And that has changed how I see myself .

I feel more confident, I look and feel more beautiful, and I feel like a stronger and faster competitive swimmer.  I hope for not just myself, but anyone else who feels like they need to become more positive read this and say to themselves : “Yes, I CAN do that !”

We can all change the world In our own way, someone in our student body could become the next president of the United States, cure cancer, write a bestselling novel, break a guinness world record, or even be in the Olympics!

It all starts with one simple thing: believing in yourself .

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Nadia Ansari, Editor-In-Chief For WPP

My name is Nadia Ansari and I am a Junior here at Woodcreek. I am a Swimmer For Wolverine Aquatics in Rocklin, and I swim for the high school in the spring....

Believe in yourself