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Winter break injustice

Ashley Rasina, Opinions Editor

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Separation of church and state is an age-old topic, that many believe we have achieved. Yet, we are far from that point. The school system is clearly biased towards Christianity, and this injustice does not go unnoticed, which brings me to my point: why do we get Christmas off and not Hanukkah?

Yes, technically, the break is called winter break, but who are they really fooling? It is no coincidence that Christmas falls within this break every year, while Hanukkah is left out in the cold. Christians get adequate time to celebrate their holiday, yet Jewish kids must still attend school and do homework during Hanukkah. I celebrate Christmas, and I do not know about you, but attending school on the holiday would put quite a damper on things. Yet, this is what Jewish kids must do year after year. This inherent bias must come to an end.

This injustice is so ingrained in our school system that it is barely noticed. Join me, and call out for the school system to make a change. Here, in the “land of the free’, all religions should be treated equally, even if it is just over a school break.

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Ashley Rasina, Staff Reporter

Ashley Rasina joined newspaper in 2014 and is currently a veteran reporter at the Wolf Pack Press.

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Winter break injustice