Election 2016: What the future can hold

Nadia Ansari, Staff Reporter

Donald Trump is now the president of the united states. He is the first candidate elected with zero  government and military experience; all Trump knows his business.  In addition to that, all three branches have republican majorities. So, what does this mean for the next four years? For starters , we have until January until he officially enters the white house as commander in chief. When he officially becomes president , will he actually fix the issues within our national borders, live up to his campaign promises, and fulfil the duties of commander in chief? Or will he ignore many issues including the Black Lives Matter Campaign?

Because President Trump is a Businessman , the stock markets will have a large chance of thriving for these next four years , and he could attempt taking on the challenge of our national debt. He has tactics to save america’s economy, and he has a valid plan to fix obamacare . So in some ways , Mr. Trump has a chance of becoming a good president.

But here’s the negative: he doesn’t have any experience with Military or Government. So what’s the plan to deal with terrorist groups or international threats to america? Will he just plan to build a wall and avoid the issue? In order for the United States to thrive in the next four years, there are many changes President Trump needs to address.

Overall , the people who despise Trump now need to see him with an open mind . We need to look past the comments he makes on certain groups in america and accept the fact that he is our next president.