Dia de los Muertos vs. Halloween


Doña poses in her Dia de los Muertos attire

Nadia Ansari, Staff Reporter

Halloween has come and passed so quickly, and so has Dia de los Muertos. But many people ignore the latter holiday. There are many differences between the two holidays, and to make sure you understand each holiday, here are the main differences between Dia de los Muertos and Halloween .

First , both holidays have originated from different countries. Halloween, originated in Ireland with the celebration of the rising of demon Samhain. Dia de los Muertos originated in Mexico with the celebrating of ancestors and the dead. The holidays have their similarities too, both are centered around the idea that November 1st is the time in which the veil between our world and the afterlife is at in thinnest, and that we are then able to communicate with the dead.

Second, the celebration of both events are very different. For Halloween, people celebrate by carving jack o lanterns out of pumpkins, decorating homes with a “haunted” or “spooky” theme, and going around your neighborhood door to door wearing costumes and receiving candy (known as Trick or Treating).  Dia de los Muertos  is celebrated by families visiting cemeteries of their loved ones, baking treats that look like skulls at the altar along with candles, having large parades, and remembering for two days about loved ones and ancestors who passed away .

Those two differences in mind, I beleive that Day of the Dead is a better holiday than halloween. Sure, we love to get free candy on Halloween, however, Dia de los Muertos has a more inspirational, joyous celebration. Participants spend two days remembering their loved ones who have passed into the afterlife, rather than eating gallons of chocolate candies (although, who doesn’t like candy?).  If you want a holiday that’s been around for centuries and has a very positive purpose, I suggest you celebrate Dia de los Muertos over Halloween. You might even get closer to your family .