Pumpkin Spice is back!

Nadia Ansari, Staff Reporter

Pumpkin spice is the most popular flavor and scent during its limited availability during the three months of fall. The pumpkin spice foods and products that are going on sale now have gone out of control!

This year, products range from lattes at Starbucks, to the most unlikely of foods.  For example,  Pumpkin Spice Cheerios. For a whole three months, the Cheerios franchise will be selling its limited edition Pumpkin spice Cheerios that are available at any grocery store in America . The second Pumpkin Spice product is for Lindor Chocolate Fans . Lindor Chocolate is selling limited edition Pumpkin Spice milk chocolate truffles. Doesn’t that make your mouth water ? You can purchase these delicious treats online or at the grocery store for about four dollars. Finally , for the people Greek Yogurt lovers, Chobani has released a Pumpkin Spice Greek yogurt, grab it while you still can!
As these next months of fall are filled with dresses and floats for homecoming, candy and costumes from Halloween and turkey and football games for thanksgiving; remember to go out there and enjoy those Pumpkin Spice Lattes!