How academics affect teens


Makenna Robbins, Newbie Reporter

Every student has moments when they hate school and don’t want to go, some students feel that way all the time. What kids don’t realize is that they need academics in order to be smart in their future and that most places will not accept your job application if you did not complete school. Although academics are beneficial, it also can affect teens in bad ways such as too much pressure and stress.

Some of the pressure we feel include need for perfection, worrying about grades, parental pressures to do well, competition, sports, or a massive amount of homework. There are many things we feel pressured to do so we stress out about it.

Having a strong support system when you are too pressured or stressed out can really help. Having positive friends, family, teachers, etc. who can help you stay calm and relaxed can help you lower stress levels and will make you feel less pressured.

Isaac Crews said that he feels like the school is giving out too much school work and that most of it is

“Extra stuff that will not be important later in life”.

Crews also said that he often stresses about school because he typically has about 2 or more hours of homework every night.

Aaron Newton believes that this school (Woodcreek High) gives us too much homework and school work that causes stress. He said,

“Too much school work, I’m getting grey hairs already!”

Aaron also said that this school isn’t really teaching us things that we need to know and that most of the subjects are pointless and unnecessary.

School is supposed to help us find out who we are and what we want to do with our futures. Electives and clubs allow us to try and figure out what we want to do and sometimes schools focus more on academics than electives and what you really want to learn about.

Jacob Esquibel is one of those people who believes that the school is not fun enough. He said,

“School is too focused on grades and not enough on fun stuff and electives. Most of the things we learn are useless like when are we going to use history, unless if you become a history teacher.”

Academics are necessary for our growth and knowledge but maybe if we had less homework and more electives we would understand and enjoy academics more.