Teacher Superlatives


Kylie Paso, Journalism Staff Reporter

In a survey, students from each class voted for their favorite teachers and these are the results:


Biggest drama king/queen: Mr. Lafazia

“ I’m surprised ‘cause I don’t think I create a lot of drama. I think I’m pretty cut and dry, straightforward, you know I get to the point. I don’t beat around the bush when kids, you know, do things wrong, but hey if that’s what the kids think I will gladly honor their voting me as their drama king and continue to make drama.”

Funniest: Mr.Brandt

“ I think it’s funny to be nominated as the funniest teacher due to current circumstances.”

Biggest prankster: Mr. Mason & Mr. Pinkerton

Mason-  “um I’m kind of confused I’m not a very big prankster. Mr. Hildebrand on the other hand…”

Pinkerton-  “I have no idea what any of those people are talking about”

Most Spirited: Mrs. Zoucha

“ Well it’s years in the making, but I’m glad I finally achieved my ultimate goal. Thank you.”