A Nautical Night


Cassandra Bennett, Journalism 1 Staff Reporter

Delicious food trucks, fun jump houses, and an awesome DJ playing dubstep. You have guessed it, it was the famous Night on the Quad dance. This year of 2015 the theme was Nautical, meaning having to do with sailors and ships. This dance offered so many new activities and delicious food for affordable prices.

The battle of the bands started fresh and rocking introducing all of the rocking boy bands and then allowing the crowd to vote for the best band. All is fair in love and bands so they boy bands say and all of them had great time afterwards enjoying the rest of the dance.

There were a ton of activities available to all of the students such as: Ping-pong, Volleyball, Ring toss, Photo Booth, Inflatable obstacle courses and awesome DJ music.

The climax of the actual dance did not start until the hour of 8 p.m. when all of the students gathered at the front of the gym. The music started to beat and the crowds started to cheer and the thus the dancing began.

The DJ provided a lot of awesome remixes and played great modern artists. All of the students were showing off their groovy dance moves and most of them screamed their lungs out to the song lyrics. Then the climax of the entire dance burst out into a colorful boom of fireworks. Waking up half of Roseville at 10 p.m.

This was without a doubt one of the best dances Woodcreek High School has ever hosted. This Nautical themed dance will be night to remember for all.