Then: Your Pocket’s Ringing

Ashley Rasina

So what’s the deal with cell phones? You know, those loud ringing pieces of plastic. Cellular phones are improving everyday from the gigantic ones from about two years ago that you could not put anywhere to small, compact ones that fit mostly anywhere.

But the question is are they allowed at school? Some argue that they should be allowed for emergency reasons, but administration uses the argument that they are a distraction to education. Although some students disregard the administration’s’ rules and bring cell phones to school, cellular phones are not allowed on campus.

“Cellular phones should be allowed on campus because what if because what if an emergency happened?” said Viktor Chopovenko, junior.

Administration says if emergencies occurred, there are several ways to notify parents or students.

Cellular phones are mainly carried for talking purposes, but some kids carry them to look “hip.” Cellular phones have their own personality. Whether it is a colorful faceplate on it or a clear, vibrating battery pack, cell phones are regarded as a wonderful advance in technology.

Around school most kids agree that cellular phones should be allowed. The students still carry them, risking confiscation and a possible suspension.

“I think they  should be allowed on campus because the school is making a fortune on the pay phone and I don’t need to deposit thirty-five cents for every phone call I make. It is not necessary,” said Justin Kelly.

“I see teachers with cell phones, why should it be different for us?” said Sergey Kolyadich, junior.

Students think that cellular phones are useful and do not pose a threat to education.

“If students keep the cell phones off and not let them ring in class then there is no threat to other students or teachers,” said Kolyadich.

Despite the administration’s attempts to keep cell phones off campus, they can still be found on a large percentage of Woodcreek students. These phones, once futuristic and an impossible advance in technology, continue to be prohibited due to the risk of interruptions during class time is too much.