Technology will be the death of us

Technology will be the death of us

Kimberly Martin, Journalism Staff Reporter

In the new age of technology there are many children who believe they cannot live without social media. Although technology has many good values and qualities, the truth is that social media is destroying the minds of our youth.

Instead of going outside, meeting new people and making new friends, face to face, like normal human beings, we go online and spend our time friending people on Instagram and Facebook. The reality is, that is not the same as having actual face to face communication. We rely on technology for everything but what would happen if it was gone?

Our generation are slaves to technology and we need to put the phones down. Stop watching television all day. Get off the computer and spend genuine time with people.

Nothing beats the feeling of being able to go out and explore the world or even your neighborhood. Once you put down the technology and start being one with life and nature, you will be a whole lot happier and have some amazing stories to tell.

There is nothing fun about sitting and staring at a screen thinking you are part of everyone else’s life when you really are not.

Make a change. Try to cut down on technology and have a life beyond a screen. Accept this challenge and go out exploring, meet someone new and live a life that doesn’t involve being in other people’s business or posting at every moment what you are doing.

Live free of technology, enjoy life for yourself and don’t let a computer screen live it for you.