Wolfstock fills the streets with music


Julia Boal and Jillian Wilson, Journalism 1 Staff Reporters

Wolfstock hit you with a wave of music. In 1969, a music and art festival called Woodstock was a weekend of bands performing their hearts out at a dairy farm in Bethel, New York. Among the lineup were well known bands, such as, the Grateful Dead, the Who, and Jefferson Airplane.

Now, flash forward into 2015, local Woodcreek High School bands performing their hearts out on Saturday, April 25th in the Woodcreek High School quad.

“It started that way the first year, as a tribute to the original 1969 Woodstock festival. In subsequent years, we’ve played a variety of musical genres while retaining the spirit of the original festival – a celebration of music,” Head of Wolfstock, John Harmon, speaks about Wolfstock’s beginning.

Wolf Stock included up and coming bands, such as, Intercede Perfection, Eclipse 84, and Undecided. These were just a few of the bands performing and all of the bands covered current songs of popular singers and bands.

A personal favorite was Undecided, the band was quirky and put on a great show (even if we didn’t know all of the songs). Not one person in the band outshined another, they played as a unit, which was a fresh look on things because most bands these days have one shining star. Not only was this feeling of unity well liked but it was also admired. Every band that performed did well, this band just stood out the most.

So, for everyone that enjoys music, please come out next year to see Wolfstock. You will not be disappointed.