The best and worst of 1989 – 1999

A look back and a look ahead: Originally written by- Deb Norville Rewritten by- Maddie Michaud

Madison Michaud, Journalism 1 Staff Reporter

Throughout 1998 we saw everything from the final episode of Seinfeld the second impeachment in U.S. history to Ginger leaving the Spice Girls with her hope of becoming Princess Diana. Now how are we going to top that in ‘99?


 Sports Worst

  • The Oakland Raiders quarterbacks. Your receivers are in silver and black.
  • The Bowl Championship Series. If you understand this you’re probably the first.
  • The United States hockey team’s performance in the Winter Olympics. You do not go to the Olympics to party, you go to win the gold.
  • Nfl referees. Is anyone surprised that the only major sport with part-time referees instead of full-time refs has the most officiating problems?
  • The NBA lockout. If you want to kill your sport and alienate your fans, here is the blueprint.

Sports Best


  • NCAA tourney. Stanford, Utah, North Carolina and Kentucky in the final four. Tradition and upstarts.
  • The Atlanta Falcons. These “Dirty Birds” have been the success story of the year in the NFL.
  • The New York Yankees set the record for most wins in a season, 114, and then went on to sweep the World Series.
  • Woodcreek sports programs; football, boys basketball, boys track, girls swimming, and boys tennis all had record seasons this year.
  • Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa’s chasing and breaking of Roger Maris’s home run record was the biggest story this decade.


In ‘99


  • The New York Mets end the Atlanta  braves reign as NL east champs.
  • No sweeps in the Stanley Cup finals this year. (As opposed to the last 4 years.)
  • The Kings have a winning record (Wait, we don’t do miracles here.)
  • Woodcreek Sports get the respect they deserve.
  • Professional sports players agreeing on reasonable contracts.


News Best


  • Ken Starr- The man was given a job and he did it, he did it well I might add.
  • Pete Wilson- California’s ex-governor went out with ab a bang; we’ll see how he does in his bid for president.
  • Steve Jobs- He may very well have done the impossible when he revitalized Apple computers, plus his child Pixar is still doing incredible.
  • Presidential impeachment- It is about time that Clinton got exposed as a bad guy that he is.
  • ABC- Ever since Disney acquired this station we have seen some serious improvement.

News Worst


  • Newt Gingrich- Once speaker of the house is now out of a job, even Rush Limbaugh is disappointed in him.
  • Bill Clinton- While not all of his crimes were committed in ‘98 he blatantly lied in this year.
  • Monica Lewinsky- Simply put; she performed sexual acts with president of the US, a married man.
  • Bill Gates- The once demigod of Microsoft didn’t live up to all the hype with the release of windows in ‘98.
  • WB- This station started with some really bad programming and has yet to change.

In ‘99

    • Ken Starr- Can’t wait to see what he digs up next.


  • Gray Davis- California’s new governor has a tight plan for education, we’ll see how well it holds up.
  • Colin Powell- A great general could make a great president; just look at Eisenhower.
  • Lamar Alexander- We all know that he will never be a president hopefully he will try for something like Congressman or Senator.
  • UPN- The station started out with extremely low ratings but is now showing improvement with some quality programming.



Entertainment Best


  • Biggest grossing film-




  • Biggest Selling Single-


“My heart will go on” by Celine Dion


  • Best Group-


Backstreet Boys


  • Best Album-


“Ray of Light “ Madonna


  • Best Movie-  



Entertainment Worst


  • Worst overplayed songs-


Barenaked Ladies: One Week. Who care about Chinese chickens!!!


  • Worst Movie-


Basket Ball. As if South Park isn’t bad enough.


  • Worst Actor and Actress-


Leonardo Dicaprio and Gwyneth Paltrow


  • Worst Video release-


Trojan Wars


In ‘99

  • Less of Titanic. It pains us to think about it.
  • More music from the Backstreet Boys.
  • More movies with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar.
  • More comedy movies, can’t get enough of those.
  • Another Ernest movie. What can we say?


Fashion Best

  • Cargo Pants– you can carry anything in those pants.
  • Overalls– they are not just for farmers anymore.
  • Cardigan sets– They are cute, really cute.
  • Performance Fleece- The song says it all.
  • Bug attire- They may be small but they sure are cute.

Fashion Worst

  • Spice-Girl like Fatsoles– I understand people wanting to be taller but give me a break.
  • Spit Skirts– What did you do, rip your skirt on a bush?
  • FUBU Attire– Doesn’t the name clue you in on how ugly the clothes are?
  • Camouflage– This is unacceptable unless you happen to be carrying a rifle with plans of cutting down on the Woodcreek seagull population.
  • Highlighting Hair- We know it’s fake.


In ‘99


  • More Argyle socks– Why be boring with plain white socks?
  • More Gap clothing
  • More Red– It is just a great color.
  • More Abercrombie and Fitch attire– The company has been around for a while, but we can never seem to get enough of it.
  • More boxers, not briefs