Woodcreek does not honor black history month


Jaden Williams, Journalism 1 Staff Reporter

Black history month is a month long celebration and signification of the many achievements of blacks celebrated throughout the nation. This month allows everyone the opportunity, no matter what their race is, a chance to come together and learn about African-American culture and history.

But, how do students of Woodcreek feel about celebrating Black History month and the mere aspect of it?

In 1996, some students felt like Woodcreek did not do enough to celebrate black history. This same feeling is shared today with a number of students. In fact, some don’t even remember celebrating it at Woodcreek. One student in particular is freshman, Madison Michaud. When asked if she celebrated black history month, Michaud replied:

“I don’t really. I mean. I don’t remember Woodcreek High School even having a black history month celebration.”

Which led to another question: Is it right to have a month to honor the history of just blacks? Should there even be a black history month? Michaud also gave her input on this matter.

“If you are going to have a month or week long commemoration just for black people, which I don’t think you should because if they are focused on being equal, they should not expect to be treated special. But if you do, then you should have one for every minority. How can you be so worried about being equal, when you’re separating black history into one month?”

As a community we should tend to recognize the mistakes in previous generations and hope to do better. But, at the same time, we need to move on and not dwell on what happened prior to now. Especially if that past is solely centered around black history. Some would agree we should either have a single history month for each race or minority, or none at all. You could argue with the question, “then how do we get rid of racism?” But even that could be solved with the answer by Morgan Freeman in 60 minutes,

“Stop talking about. I’m gonna stop calling you a white man, and you’re gonna stop calling me a black man.”

Simple as that. Though Black history month remains standing. If a much larger amount of people come together and give the same opinion as Michaud and Freeman, then maybe in a few weeks, months, years, maybe even decades, Black history month will be 12 months a year, instead of one.