Facebook: to add or not to add?

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We come home from school and immediately jump on the computer and head to facebook.com to chat with our friends and vent about the hard day at school. However, what if you were to vent about how school is so tiring and your deciding not to do your homework that day, and suddenly one of your teachers comment on your status. The one question I’ve struggled with, as yes, an avid Facebooker, is whether or not to add my teachers as friends. There are certain benefits to adding my teachers as friends. For one, I could use it as an extra way of contacting them if I need help on homework. Another reason to add my teachers is to stay in touch with them after I graduate. When adding my friends I do consider the future. I only have 1 more year here, and when  I finally leave for college I would like to be able to keep my teachers updated on my achievements, and  let them know how what they have taught me has influenced my future.

Although the benefits of allowing my teachers to be my Facebook friends are great, there are major draw backs as well. It puts the teachers in more of a danger than anything else. We all have to be careful about what we post in the public scene and teachers have even more reason to be aware of what they show there friends. There have been a few cases of teachers being fired because of certain pictures or comments that might suggest harassment. I’m not suggesting however, that any teacher on this campus would have to really worry about that but, being friends with your students outside the classroom environment means that they might not be as obeying to your authority as you would like.

            Being a student and having teachers as friends makes it a little more awkward of a relationship to have. I only add my teachers as friends if I trust them completely wouldn’t mind if they knew what I do on a Saturday night or what I’m doing with my friends. I have nothing to hide really. I’m not a bad kid, therefore, I would add my teachers as Facebook friends as long as it doesn’t get really weird.  Basically to me it is not creepy to have teachers as Facebook pals as long as you’re aware that your teachers are older and have seniority over you. If you don’t want your teachers to know something about you chances are you don’t post it. It’s as simple as that.