Go-Bama: The Call for Universal Healthcare

Brittany Attwood, Opinions Editor, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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As the passing period bell rings conversation about Obama‘s health care fills the hallway. For some of my peers what they hear is an opinion similar to their own, they might say that there is a resounding tone of disgust with our new health care plan.However, I would disagree with that statement, you see, all I hear is a bunch of complaining. I believe we should be thankful for this new change. Now, before you completely shut me out I would like to attempt to get your attention. I agree with this new plan because it not only is a personal benefit but, it will help a majority of our population as well.

Now, I am not trying to point fingers, I do understand that this new plan brings a few issues to the table. However, I feel that these small issues are worth it when it comes to health care coverage for a larger majority. I think what we as teenagers need to realize that this health care reform is really about selfishness verses unselfishness. It seems to me that those who don’t support the reform are putting themselves above the goodness of our state and nation as a whole. This new plan will insure that those who do not have health care coverage receive it. What is there to complain about? If you really are against this bill than to me, you are telling me that your life and your financial comfort is of greater importance than another persons. My question to those people is this: What have you done in your life that really makes you deserve health care coverage over others? Now, I know it is easy to be selfish and say that you worked to be where you are today, that you put forth an effort, while those who cant afford coverage have not. This may be true, but to be honest there is no way to truly know what actions other Americans have taken to be where they are today. So please, don’t assume that those without coverage are just lazy bums who didn’t want to work, because what if they put forth more of an effort then you? Wouldn’t you feel bad then?

The largest counter-argument I have heard against my way of thinking is that this plan will raise peoples taxes. Yes, this is true. However for us, teenage and college age students we don’t make enough money anyway (if we do work) to make this tax increase really affect us. In fact, it may benefit us according to an article written in the American Medical News on January 9th of this year by Susan Landers “Many teens are lost to the health care system at a crucial time in their development”. With this new plan teens will be given coverage that they may not have received before. In fact, according to the new bill young people will be given the opportunity to receive extended coverage from their parents’ insurance plan until age 26, if parents allow. This means that college students will not have to worry about paying a medical bill while in college. Overall, this means less income spent on bills, and thus less money invested in loans. This new bill means that more students will be given the opportunity to be financially successful because their income wont be given to health care bills until a later age. I don’t know about you but, I think being able to spend less money on bills and more on college materials is a major plus.

The last thing that I would like to mention is the fact that this new bill is NOT a purely universal healthcare system. The reason why this is not a universal healthcare system is because it is given at a cost to its consumer. So please, do not start jumping to conclusions because this is a step towards a pure universal system but it is NOT the actual step itself.

Student body, I realize that you may be set in your ways and your beliefs and I understand that you are entitled to that, but please take a moment and examine why you are against the bill, is it because of facts or merely persuasion of others?

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