“Every 15 Minutes” victims honored in written tributes


DISCLAIMER: These “obituaries” were used in a SIMULATION that was part of the “Every 15 Minutes” program, which occurred on campus Thursday March 22 and Friday March 23, 2018. While the words written in each of these are heartfelt and true, the students are NOT dead – they are very much ALIVE and still with us.  

“Every 15 Minutes” someone dies in an alcohol-related accident.  The following students were “taken” from our campus yesterday to represent that statistic and to demonstrate the impact that losing just one life can have.  As the Grim Reaper visited their classrooms yesterday, the following tributes were read aloud and then left behind to honor the students lost.  Click on each name to read the tribute.

Alex Neal (12)

Angelina Toro (11)

Ben Santiago-Kemp (11)

Brynn Smith (11)

Grace Vargas (12)

Hope Jbeily (12)

Isabel Gigena (11)

Jacob Rotheram (12)

Jenna Herrera (11)

Jenna McCarthy (12)

Jessica DeGuzman (11)

John Martini (11)

Katie Klein (11)

Mary Mundo (12)

Max Page (11)

Megan Otsuka (12)

Peter Pagel (11)

Peyton Allen (11)

Rain Crews (11)

Sabrina Melo Chew (11)

Shelby Flowers (11)

Trevor Rice (12)

Weston Huff (12)

A special thanks to Wendy Ghyselinck for putting these tributes together.