Water bottle filling stations?

Cassandra Bennett, On the Quad Editor


While sometimes taken for granted, water fountains are an important necessity to everyday school life for students. As an essential for human life, water is an essential, calorie-free beverage that offers alternatives for soda and other sugary drinks. Without proper hydration, it can cause physical and mental harm to the individuals. That is why all schools should make it a priority to have clean,accessible, filtered water for all students.

Now at Woodcreek High, the administrative have installed new attachments to our water fountains called ‘rapid water bottle filling stations’. Provided by the company known as, ‘Aqua Point; that has provided these stations for schools worldwide. Their ultimate goal as a company is to minimize plastic bottle waste in the environment. From the Aquapoint website: “Aquapoint’s staff includes environmental and process engineers, utility and construction professionals, freshwater ecologists, certified soil evaluators and licensed wastewater plant operators who are prepared to assist our clients with the design and permitting of advanced biological wastewater treatment systems.”

Not only has it made an impact on the environment, but it fills water bottles 3 times faster than the average drinking fountain. If you haven’t gotten the chance to use these new stations, they are located in Senior Sqaure by the bathrooms, inside the cafeteria, and by the gym.

Link to website: http://www.aquapoint.com/index-2.html