2016 Canned Food Drive

Mackenzie Bialzik, Staff Reporter

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Canned food: Something you can easily find in the back of your pantry taken for granted. Our school has a two week long event supporting the Salvation Army. You can donate your cans to support someone else who is desperately in need. The event, organized by student government occurs from October 31st to November 11th, and each day has a specific theme. These sometimes underappreciated essential items will provide aid to many struggling families in the Roseville community. Your small donation will mean so much to the Salvation Army, and everyone they help feed.

The big picture of the canned food drive is really about family. Victoria Mascari, the freshman class secretary, states, “We are bringing our school together while helping the community at the same time.” While it might just seem like a simple community service drive, we are actually getting closer, and creating a strong bond within our school. The closer we get with each other, the more projects like this can impact our community; we can change our community for the better. So really, a simple can of food can make a remarkable change.

Donating cans not only has an effect on the community but on you as well. Having donated myself, I feel content and satisfied. Talking to others, the same feeling can be felt around the school. When the school shares feelings, we once again grow closer as a Timberwolf family. Every aspect of this drive somehow always brings us closer together, and that is something to be proud of. We are one big family that gives back to our community, and that is why our campus is cheerful.

Really, the canned food drive is more than just bringing in a couple of cheap cans. You are playing a big role in your community to help others, which will make you feel good. Donate a can this week, be apart of something bigger, and help a family in need!

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