Homecoming Rally 2016

Helen Huang, Staff Reporter

Bang! Bang! Thundering drumbeats—people bursting with enthusiasm—the screams and cheers…

All rallies are loud, but this year’s Homecoming rally was deafening, in a good way. The entire campus was split apart by noise before the entire campus had even entered the gym.

You could hear the band striking out tunes before you could see them. In fact, it was almost like the music was a call to gather, pulling students out of their classrooms, across the lawns, and up the bleachers. Once you stepped into the gym, you were overwhelmed by everything—the sounds, the colors, the pent-up energy of the crowd that could be felt from your core.

The rally was kicked off by a heartful “The Star-Spangled Banner”, a new tradition this year. There were the spirit roars and chants, then an introduction of the announcers. After that, the excitement really began.

The eight Homecoming Kings and Queens were presented to the school one by one. Flowers were given to them, to keep or give to an escort. As each boy or girl was led down the middle of the gym by an adult, the students went wild, cheering and clapping and showering the Homecoming Royalty with any spirit that’d been missing from the chants at the beginning. It was then that you could tell that this would be an extraordinary rally.

Towards the end, both the dancers and the cheerleaders were bounding, swinging, and leaping with unmatched grace and boldness. The football team, dressed in neat gray uniforms, huddled up in the center for a quick show. A group of teachers wearing Black Mob-and-Mickey Mouse outfits presented a dynamic dance to the school.

But the most special moment was probably when the four classes competed against each other with Disney songs. Freshmen went first, singing “Let It Go” from Frozen. Sophomores got “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid. The Jungle Book’s “The Bare Necessities” was assigned to the Juniors, and Seniors had “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” from The Lion King. The speakers blasted out the music—although nothing could have drowned out the students as they sang with all their might, familiar with the words, eager to help their class win Disney glory.