More than just a club

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More than just a club

Nick Gage, Newbie Reporter

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We join clubs for many reasons: to meet new people, to get out of our comfort zone, to try new experiences, to pursue our dreams,  the list goes on and on. Whichever of these is your reasoning doesn’t particularly matter except what’s in the eyes of the beholder (judgment of the student). But in this case, the issue here is which club is your favorite.


Everybody has a favorite something; favorite TV show, favorite book, favorite sports team, etc. So being part of your favorite club or a group to join and hang out  is essential to talk about and discuss.


Bailey Keppel (Senior) says, “NHS because I’ve loved taking on an officer role, as it has allowed me to meet and grow closer to a lot of people at school. It’s very social, which I dig”.


This particular club described above is a club that’s about helping others and has set a goal to carry out a task which can be how this person is characterized. The type of club one joins shows a little bit of that person’s character and interests.


Another example is Danielle Levine (Senior) who says: “STOP club is awesome because I am able to raise money to help provide trafficked people a brighter future. I love being able to make a difference”.


Not only do these two show that Woodcreek has some awesome programs for helping people out, it also reveals what kind of person they are. So in the end, whatever reason you have for joining a club, either way it’ll benefit you and others.



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