Woodcreek’s band: an overpowering performance

Megan Eischens and Sarah Worley, Journalism Staff Reporters

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Woodcreek’s own band held an amazing concert on the night of May 19th. The first night of this performance started off with a bang.  With Choir starting off the night, and band ending with an amazing finish.


During the concert, the band did 5 songs, “Fairest of the fair” was a fun-filled song that started off the concert. The next song, “Council Oak” was a great piece that was warming and nature filled. “The Dark Knight” was a great one, with its dark noises and light flutes, it really stole the show. It sounded scary and sweet all at the time time.


“Instant Concert” stole the show with the lead trombone’s father. He won the ticket raffle and came up to conduct the band with no needed tutorial. He started the band and they were off, with a mix of different classic songs, the band sounded great.


“Light Eternal” was a great piece involving both choir and band, although, the band overpowered choir. It was very hard to hear the choir over the band, which was a little disappointing, but never the less, the band played their hearts out with this dramatic song. It was really impressive how they expressed different moods and emotions through one piece.

This was an awesome concert that any age would find enjoyable. No matter your preference in music, the musicality of Woodcreek’s band will surely blow your mind.

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