How to: Prepare for finals


Madison Michaud, Journalism Staff Reporter

With finals coming up, the libraries are overflowing and so are the stress levels. High school is tough enough without the pressure of finals, so try these tips to help things go smoother.


To Study:

    • Set a schedule a week before finals to study for each class.
    • Start studying for 20 minutes, and then each day increase by 15 minutes until you work your way up to an hour every day.
    • Take breaks to keep yourself focused.


  • Prioritize your classes from most important to study, to the classes you know the most material from.


  • Find a good, quiet place to study.
  • Use the same place every time you study to get a good habit going.
  • Get rid of distractions such as phones, television, and other disturbances.


To Memorize:

  • Try making a rhyme of something you can’t seem to memorize.
  • Flashcards are a great way to attain information
  • Acronyms help with remembering many things, for example PEMDAS; remember it by Please excuse my dear aunt sally.
  • Drawing pictures can also really help when testing time comes, you have the mental picture of what you drew in your head.


The Days Before and of Finals:

  • Get a good 9 hours of sleep, to prepare for the test.
  • Make sure you eat something to fuel your brain for the day. Foods rich in protein like eggs, nuts, and yogurt are good choices.
  • Bring water to stay hydrated and focused.
  • Bring snacks (avoid sugary snacks) like trail mix, protein-bars, nuts, or fruit.
  • Bring minty gum and/or lemon drops. They have been proven to help your brain stay alert and focused.
  • Wear comfortable clothing, so you can relax.


And remember… prepare yourself for your exam. In the past, there have been huge problems with cheating. Don’t do that to yourself, come prepared and ready to ace your test.  Amanda Jagow, a sophomore at Woodcreek says,


“I think cheating is very unfair to the people who actually put in the effort”.


Be fair and honest with you and your peers. Hopefully with these tips you will have an easier time preparing for finals this year. Good luck!