“Band Geek” is so 1999

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“Band Geek” is so 1999

Meghan Eischens, Journalism 1 Staff Reporter

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The term “Band geek” has been the designated insult to band kids everywhere… Or so the people before the 00’s thought.

Woodcreek high school has over 20 music classes, one of those being band. The band has taken the spotlight as one of the most-liked performers at their school.

“We’ve gotten a standing ovation just by lining up on the track”, says Brad North, the band director. North says most of the kids at the school do not even think about the term “Band Geek” in a derogatory way.

Sarah Worley, freshman, says “Band is cool, you have to be really talented to be in it and I think that’s awesome.”

Joshua Broughton, a student in the band, thinks the school has overcome those band nerd years.

“Roles are almost starting to reverse” Broughton said, “Jocks are known to be mean to band kids, and band kids are known to be nerds, but not at this school.”

People outside of Woodcreek are starting to notice, Recently, the school hosted a Jazz Band festival, with over 20 bands that filled up spots almost within the first week of announcement. Some of the bands include Sac State Jazz Ensemble, and American River College Studio Jazz Ensemble.

Woodcreek has officially diminished the negative connotation to the term “Band Geek.”

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