Why the Democrats are Trying to Impeach Trump

David Fowlie, Writer

Much has happened in the world of politics, and one of the biggest stories out there right now is the House of Representatives bringing about articles of impeachment on the president of the United States Donald Trump. These articles were brought against the president on charges of abusing his power, using his office as political gain, and possibly detriment the security of the American people. Many Democrats claim that Donald Trump pressured the president of Ukraine to find damaging information on Joe Biden, a prominent member of the Democratic Party running for president in 2020, and his son, Hunter. The reason that Donald is talking with Ukraine is because Hunter used to work for a Ukrainian company while his father was serving as Vice-President to Barack Obama. Apparently Trump has withheld $400 million of military aid and a meeting to the White House as a way to coax Ukraine’s president into looking at the Biden family. The impeachment process began in September due to a complaint from an unnamed Intel official that had varied emotions on President Trumps phone call with the Ukraine president in July. However, supporters of the President have rallied against the impeachment and are now fighting back against the claims of the Democrats. They say that Ukrainian President felt no pressure during the phone call, the Ukrainians were unaware that military aid had been held back for them, and that the military aid was actually eventually given to them. Impeachment votings are supposed to happen this week of December 16th, and will determine if the impeachment will be brought to and voted upon by the Senate or if it will not pass the House. Considering that the House of Representatives is mostly full of Democrats or has more Democratic control, it is more than likely that the impeachment voting will indeed continue to the Senate, although there may be a change. Overall, this is one of, if not the fastest impeachments of the president in the history of the United States. There have only been three other cases of the president being impeached, each taking at least and this is with Bill Clinton, Andrew Johnson, and Richard Nixon, although Nixon retired from the presidency before he could have impeachment articles brought before him. More activities involved with the impeachment will continue for the next few weeks, and within a few months we may have a different president.